Friday, 15 November 2013

Second Draft Of My Magazine Front Cover

This is the second draft of my front cover, since the first draft i have added an advertisement for a free give away of a CD created by Beyonce & Jay-Z. I chose to use Beyonce & Jay-Z because they are the worlds most loved and famous couple and artists of today. I also added the primary image of the 3 girls (the feature artists) this is to attract the audience using the Naomi Wolf's theory of using attractive girls to make the magazine sell. I added the main feature artists band name across them in large text, with a tag line over it, the tag line is to draw the reader in to wanting to read the article. The main feature artists band name is in large text to catch the eye of the audience so that when they see it, they will recognise the band name and want to look at the magazine. I added a competition to allow the audience to win Rihanna concert tickets, i chose Rihanna because she has one of the largest fan bases in the world and the genre of her music fits in with the genre of my magazine. I then added blurbs from other articles in my magazine onto the front cover so that readers are tempted to read them, as they will hopefully find them interesting, for example "Top 10 MOST EXCITING People Right Now". Finally i added a bar code, the release date and the price to the bottom right hand of the page, as they are all part of the common conventions of a magazine. 

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