Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Before I Took My Photos...

Before i took my images, i had to make sure that i could capture the best quality photos possible using the facilities around me at school. We closed the curtains on our stage meaning that behind stage was pitch black and was not open to any light pollution. We set up a white photography screen (which is just a metal frame which you can then hang a very large piece of white material over it, to create a pure and cleaning background for your images. Then we used 3-4 different lights,  2 either side of the screen facing to where the models will be standing, to help take away any shadows from their faces and also to help bring out all the natural colours which could be hidden away in dim lighting. (to stop the lights from blinding the models, they had covers over them which were built in, meaning you still got the full effect from the light, but nobody got hurt) and then another 2 lights which were used to just brighten the surroundings to help balance all the lighting around and make it look natural. I would highly recommend anyone to use this equipment, as it helps you achieve the best photos you could possibly wish for meaning they look professional and effective.

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