Thursday, 11 December 2014

Options For Our Final Product

For our final product, we were able to choose from the following, to decided what we wanted to make our final product about;

- A Short Film
- A Horror Trailer
- A Music Video

After a lot of deliberating between the four of us, we decided that the horror trailer stood out the most for us, because we all enjoy the horror genre, and as soon as we we heard there horror trailer was an option, we all started coming up with ideas in our head of what could be good to put into our horror trailer, thus making it the obvious choice for us to make. 

Friday, 5 December 2014

Naomi Wolf Theory

Naomi Wolf is considered to be an American feminist who believe that media products use woman as a source of attraction and believed that if a woman is used within media products, then it is more likely to sell. 

She believes that women have been conditioned into aspiring to look like models and females who are considered to be gorgeous. She states that when women look at women within media products they will instantly compare themselves to the model on the screen or on magazines and they will pick out all of the negative aspects of themselves and will aspire to be like the women they see in media products.

When existing media products use females they will place them in poses that suggest female sexuality is replaced by the means of beauty and this shows that women are putting themselves in competition with one another, yet most women don't see their bodies as a source of pleasure.

In order to incorporate this theory into our work, we decided to use an attractive young female within our trailer and our ancillary tasks.