Friday, 27 February 2015

Final Chosen Horror Poster Photo

For my Horror Poster, I have chosen to use this photo as I believe it looks like Charlotte (in the image) is possessed, due to the white face with dark shadowing, meaning you can't make out any facial features. Due to this, it makes charlotte look like a supernatural force, especially with the white clothing on which has connotations of death and passing over. You can slightly see the book in her hand which is an important feature as it is the main connection to the devil and for charlotte becoming possessed in the film, which also could interest the audience as they could become curious about what the book is about which charlotte is holding. Also the fact that the film title is 'DEAR DEVIL' makes the fact that she is holding a book in her hands fitting. Finally, the fact of the darkness and shadows consuming her, could suggest she is being consumed and possessed by an evil, and the light shinning on her creates and eerie atmosphere as you can only see half of her face. 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Picture Options For My Magazine Cover

Below are the options of photos I have to choose from before I edit it to put onto my Film Magazine Cover;  



Monday, 23 February 2015

Photos For My Poster - Options

For my Horror Film Poster, I need to choose a photo which will fit the meaning of the title 'DEAR DEVIL' and will also need to show what our trailer is about as well as make the target audience curious and interested to want to see the entire film as that is the main target of a trailer.  Below are the options of photos I have to choose from;

Friday, 20 February 2015

Filming - Day 1

Today Jodie, Laura and Charlotte and I filmed the some of the opening shots for our Horror Trailer. We used a varying selection of camera angles, such as panning, zooming, close ups, long shots etc. It's important to use various types of shots, as it helps to make the video more interesting for the audience, particularly trailers which are used to help sell and up and coming film, it needs to be as interesting and memorable as possible.

For the opening shots, we filmed the outside of an old house in the dark to give it an eerie and mysterious feeling. We used different techniques such as slowly zooming into one particular spot on the house, for example, we used one of the upstairs windows as though to give the effect that there is something in there of interest that the audience feel exhilarated, expecting something to be in the window or expecting something to happen. Also we did a panning shot of a dark horizon lit by lamp lights in the distance covered by fog across a dark field at night. We thought this would be effective as although we never planned to use a shot of an area like this, it brought potential when we saw it, as we thought we could use this as another shot to give an eerie feeling.

Not only did we do filming, we recorded ourselves saying dates from a dairy and then what will happen on that date, and then finally we all built up by saying them altogether. We did this, as the main theme of our horror trailer is a possessed diary, hence the reason why we each said a date. We had to carefully chose the dates, as although we are only creating a trailer, our trailer is based on a film, so we chose to use four dates which spread across 4 months, but we made sure the dates stayed within the barrier of the season we are in now, as because of the weather being cold and wintery, it wouldn't make sense if the film advertised that it was across along time, when the shots contradicted that. Finally we recorded Jodie's little sister screaming, as at one point in the trailer, we want the screen to go black, and then all of a sudden that scream come in, to give the audience a fright, thus reaching our targets of not only advertising a horror film, but to make the audience want to go and see  it.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Chosen Font

I have chose this font for my Horror Film Poster and Magazine Cover Title 'DEAR DEVIL' because the way the font has a melted look about it, i feel like it has connotation of dripping blood, which has connotations of death and horror, which is exactly what i want and need for my title to portray. I intend to edit it using a red colour overlay and embossing effect to make it look like pure thick 3D blood, with a black shadow effect to make the red stand out a lot more.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Possible Locations

The shots you see below, are from Laura's house. During the time of our filming, her parents were undergoing a loft conversion, making the loft a perfect location for our horror trailer. We also found props we could use in the loft such as the rocking horse. We intend on using the rocking horse in our trailer, so while we are completing our final edition of our script and storyboards, we are going to integrate it into our trailer. As well as considering what would the most effective shots and events be for the space we have got to use.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


For our trailer, we decided that we will each wear normal everyday clothing for being in the trailer, to give it a more natural and realistic feel, also because Laura's loft was getting done out, upstairs was dusty from bricks etc. so we didn't want to wear clothes which could get ruined. Due to charlotte being the main actress and being the one who features in the entire horror trailer, she has to put on a long white dance costume which gave her the 'death/passed on' look, which is what we need her to look like for when she becomes possessed. For her make-up we will darken her face to make it look more drawn in and scary like most possessed people's faces are in horror films and to make it more terrifying for the audience if their face pops up on screen at any point.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Characters & Roles

For our trailer, we decided on making it fixated around one person only, this way it makes it easier while filming to direct it and you don't have as many mistakes made when your only filming one person. Although myself, Jodie and Laura do feature in the trailer for a couple of seconds each, the main actor in the trailer is Charlotte. She plays the role of one of the girls who moved into the house with her friends, until she goes up stairs and find the 'DEVILS DIARY' which possess her and turns her into the monster you see her become near the end of the trailer as well as being the one who created the script and sorry boards for our trailer. I am the editor of the group, meaning that once we had completed all of the filming, I took all of the shots etc. collected the music we had decided to use, and put everything together using my research into horror trailers as inspiration.  Jodie and Laura shared equal duties of filming our horror trailer, this is because their were points where Jodie (being smaller than Laura) could get into the smaller spaces to film charlotte other than Laura, meaning it was important due to our surroundings we had, that we had more than one person to share the filming with.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Target Audience

Our target audience is primarily people who enjoy watching horror films, which mean now-a-days the age range could vary dramatically, because of the access of illegally downloaded films and illegal streaming, people of all ages, particularly people of the younger generations who are known for being more technologically advanced can get to them when according to the official age ratings of films state that depending on the content of the film, you can not be any younger than 18 to watch a horrifically terrifying film which has obscene and explicit content which may disturb younger viewers. So if we did follow the official age ratings guidelines, our target audience would be people aged 18 and over who enjoyed horror films, obviously because some people either do not enjoy them or do not find them interesting.