Friday, 27 February 2015

Final Chosen Horror Poster Photo

For my Horror Poster, I have chosen to use this photo as I believe it looks like Charlotte (in the image) is possessed, due to the white face with dark shadowing, meaning you can't make out any facial features. Due to this, it makes charlotte look like a supernatural force, especially with the white clothing on which has connotations of death and passing over. You can slightly see the book in her hand which is an important feature as it is the main connection to the devil and for charlotte becoming possessed in the film, which also could interest the audience as they could become curious about what the book is about which charlotte is holding. Also the fact that the film title is 'DEAR DEVIL' makes the fact that she is holding a book in her hands fitting. Finally, the fact of the darkness and shadows consuming her, could suggest she is being consumed and possessed by an evil, and the light shinning on her creates and eerie atmosphere as you can only see half of her face. 

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