Friday, 20 February 2015

Filming - Day 1

Today Jodie, Laura and Charlotte and I filmed the some of the opening shots for our Horror Trailer. We used a varying selection of camera angles, such as panning, zooming, close ups, long shots etc. It's important to use various types of shots, as it helps to make the video more interesting for the audience, particularly trailers which are used to help sell and up and coming film, it needs to be as interesting and memorable as possible.

For the opening shots, we filmed the outside of an old house in the dark to give it an eerie and mysterious feeling. We used different techniques such as slowly zooming into one particular spot on the house, for example, we used one of the upstairs windows as though to give the effect that there is something in there of interest that the audience feel exhilarated, expecting something to be in the window or expecting something to happen. Also we did a panning shot of a dark horizon lit by lamp lights in the distance covered by fog across a dark field at night. We thought this would be effective as although we never planned to use a shot of an area like this, it brought potential when we saw it, as we thought we could use this as another shot to give an eerie feeling.

Not only did we do filming, we recorded ourselves saying dates from a dairy and then what will happen on that date, and then finally we all built up by saying them altogether. We did this, as the main theme of our horror trailer is a possessed diary, hence the reason why we each said a date. We had to carefully chose the dates, as although we are only creating a trailer, our trailer is based on a film, so we chose to use four dates which spread across 4 months, but we made sure the dates stayed within the barrier of the season we are in now, as because of the weather being cold and wintery, it wouldn't make sense if the film advertised that it was across along time, when the shots contradicted that. Finally we recorded Jodie's little sister screaming, as at one point in the trailer, we want the screen to go black, and then all of a sudden that scream come in, to give the audience a fright, thus reaching our targets of not only advertising a horror film, but to make the audience want to go and see  it.

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