Thursday, 5 February 2015

Characters & Roles

For our trailer, we decided on making it fixated around one person only, this way it makes it easier while filming to direct it and you don't have as many mistakes made when your only filming one person. Although myself, Jodie and Laura do feature in the trailer for a couple of seconds each, the main actor in the trailer is Charlotte. She plays the role of one of the girls who moved into the house with her friends, until she goes up stairs and find the 'DEVILS DIARY' which possess her and turns her into the monster you see her become near the end of the trailer as well as being the one who created the script and sorry boards for our trailer. I am the editor of the group, meaning that once we had completed all of the filming, I took all of the shots etc. collected the music we had decided to use, and put everything together using my research into horror trailers as inspiration.  Jodie and Laura shared equal duties of filming our horror trailer, this is because their were points where Jodie (being smaller than Laura) could get into the smaller spaces to film charlotte other than Laura, meaning it was important due to our surroundings we had, that we had more than one person to share the filming with.

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