Saturday, 16 November 2013

Naomi Wolf's Theory

Naomi Wolf's theory was that beauty was used against women, for example on the front cover of a magazine, you will naturally find a beautiful woman who is thought to be flawless in every way possible. When an ordinary woman comes to buy a magazine, they tend to buy the magazine with the very attractive woman on the front cover, due to self loathing and self consciousness as she will aspire to be just like the woman on the front cover of the magazine, although she forgets that no woman looks like that due to the photoshopping and the editing which is performed upon the image before it is used, to create the 'flawless look', the image which all women aspire to look like, and all men dream of, which is why Naomi Wolf came up with the theory that magazine companies use this technique to sell magazines which she thought was using beauty against women. 

In my magazine i aim to be using this technique by using 3 female models on my front page to hopefully make it more appealing to buy for my target audience, as my target audience is both men and women. Although this theory is mainly targeted at women, it also effects the purchases made by a man, as having attractive women on the front page could possibly encourage the man to purchase the magazine too. 

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