Tuesday, 31 December 2013


When creating a questionnaire, there are 2 main types of questionnaires which are commonly chosen to be used, these are open and closed questionnaires. An open questionnaire, is when the question being asked is not a 'yes or no' answer, it usually asks the audience to go into further detail into their answer so that you can get as much information/data as possible. A closed questionnaire, is when the question being asked is normally either a 'yes or no' answer. The format of these questionnaires are usually 'ticky boxes' or where you have to 'circle the answer', as they do not require you to write you answer in. An open questionnaire is better at collecting more detailed data, but is more time consuming for you and the audience, as it will take you longer to process the data, and it will take the audience longer to answer it, whereas a closed questionnaire collects the data you were intentionally looking for and is less time consuming again for both you and the audience. The data will take less time to process and the audience can quickly fill in the questionnaire by either ticking or circling their answers.

Although the closed questionnaire is less time consuming, i am using the open questionnaire for my final and overall questionnaire which i will give to people within my primary target audience so that i can find out if what i have created reaches my targets i set myself before i started my magazine. I want to know exactly what the audience has to say, which i why i am using the open questionnaire.

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