Sunday, 8 December 2013

Contents Page Questionnaire Results

For the second draft of my contents page, i have added3 images (1 primary, 2 secondary) to show the readers what is inside the magazine. I have added page numbers, release date and the magazine companies web address along the bottom of the page. I have also added the mast head of my magazine to continue with the house style. I have added social networking sites too, so that i can appeal to the younger generation of my target audience, who use the internet and the social networks a lot of the time - this will allow them to connect with us more, and also help BEAT magazine to become more prominent in the music magazine business. I have added sub titles (FEATURES, REGULARS & BEAT REVIEW) so that it can help the audience find what they might be looking for, also it just makes my magazine a lot more organised too.

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