Thursday, 24 October 2013

My Music Magazine Pitch

The next task we were set was that we had to create our own music magazine. I have decided that I want my magazine to follow the modern and current common conventions of a magazine. So to do this, I have researched various music magazine covers, contents page and double page spreads which are used by all the different famous magazine companies over the duration of the course. I have found that the most commonly used ‘common conventions’ are things such as barcodes, columns of writing, sub titles and images as well as a main image. After researching this, I now feel more confident in being able to produce a music magazine which looks professional and worthy of my primary target audience.
My music magazine will consist of a front cover, a contents page which is easily understood and can easily navigate readers to pages they want, and then a double page spread article which is filled with interesting stories and images, using the common conventions on each of the pages of my music magazines. I have also decided that I want to create a magazine with a pop music genre, because I am very interested in pop music and I enjoy the common conventions of a pop music magazine such as bright colours and modern styles. I will be using Adobe Photoshop to edit photo and to overall create my music magazine, I have chosen this software programme because through the course of our media lessons we have been using this programme and I feel more comfortable about using this too. The Primary target audience I am aiming to reach both men and women aged 15 to 25 years. I have chosen to use this age group because through the research I have done, I have a larger understanding of how to create a more modern and appealing magazine cover, also I would fit into the target audience age group myself so it will be easier to practically make a magazine for myself. Based on my primary target audience, I have decided that my secondary target audience will be men and women aged 26 to possible 35 at the latest. This is because these are the ages surrounding my primary target audience therefore they are more likely to be interested in it because of the slight difference in ages.

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