Wednesday, 23 October 2013

School Magazine: Contents Page Analysis

To start off on my contents page, i started on background. For the background i used a gradient tool to make the colour yellow gradually get darker from the white top left corner of the page. I decided to carry on using the same colour scheme of yellow and blue because i wanted to keep these colours as my house style and also these are the colours of the school logo, so it will help make the school badge/name more memrobal to help more people learn about the school. For the text, i kept the font the same and the text size. I haven't used a font size bigger than 12 on either the contents page or the magazine front cover except from on the titles on both pages where i used a bigger font so that it stands out more and people know what that certian part of the magazine is about. For the titles, i used the same blue colour as the rest of the text on the page, but i used a shadow behind the title so that it stands out more from the background and it gives the text more depth and look bolder. The writing on this page describes to the audience what each of the individual pages are about and what they will find on them, a contents page is useful because it stops the reader from having to flick through the pages to look for the certian page they're looking for. On my contents page, i used a range of 4 different pictures of people, and different parts around the school are next to page numbers to give the readers an idea on what is on the pages also, and it makes the contents page more visual for viewers I put a shadow effect on the pictures to also make them stand out more from the yellow background and it makes them look more interesting and dramitic because of the feeling like the photo is more 'in your face' than what it would originally be. For the writing, i kept the information about what was on each of the pages short so that they were straight to the point and it meant the they readers didn't have to read to much on the less important pages as too the actual collumn pages.
If i were to do my contents page again, i would fill more of the space on the page, instead of having so much yellow background showing. Also i try organising the images in a more creative way so that they are more enjoyable to look at, and finally i would add more information on different pages instead of talking about every 2 pages. I could try talking about a more diverse range of stories that is in the magazine to make it more desriable to read to the readers and target audience.

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