Monday, 6 April 2015


While I was near the end of editing the trailer, I sat down with Mr Wood for 1 and a half hours adding transitions between shots where appropriate to either add pace or suspense (I.e. 'fade to white' adds pace and 'fade to black' adds suspense.) this just helps us to achieve the intense fear that we want our audience to feel when they watch our trailer. This is especially evident later on in the trailer when the shots speed up to create an intense atmosphere and the use of contrasting speeds to make things unexpected for the audience. I made the shots and the transitions fit to the music near the end, as there was a pause in the music, where the transitions take place and then when there is a loud crescendo of music when the shot appears after, which frightens the audience and creates the adrenaline buzz they audience get when they don't know what to expect next. This took quite a while to get the timing perfect, but it's worth it to allow the trailer to be at the highest standard and as realistic as we can make it

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