Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Starting A2

This Is Now The Start of My Work For A2 
So far I have decided to create a horror trailer, working together with Jodie Birkbeck, Laura Naylor & Charlotte Park. I thought working with Laura, Charlotte and Jodie would be a good idea as it would make the product slightly easier by having others to contribute to the work and help you to get it done as quickly and as high of a standard as possible. As well as this, I know the 4 of us can work well together. We have a few ideas that I will post later when we have finalised our final idea.
My next posts will be researching the codes and conventions of horror trailers which will help us create a successful trailer that meets the typical conventions and target audience that we need to reach. Also I will be choosing 3/4 already existing horror trailers and analysing them using my research from earlier.

The ancillary tasks that will go with our horror trailer will be a poster, promoting the horror film to the public and hopefully reach our target audience and then also a magazine article, reviewing the film. After I have posted my research for horror trailers, I will post my analysis of film posters and film reviews/magazine articles. This will help me to make my ancillary tasks as high standard as possible to go with my trailer as I will be learning the conventions and the best techniques/features to use with them also.

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